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Systematic Review Service: SR Steps and Timeline

Reference Services Support

Steps for Conducting a Systematic Review

Time : 12-18 months

Formulate a well-defined research question

Establish the team

Develop and document a comprehensive search 

Define inclusion/exclusion criteria

Decide on data collection form

Search multiple databases and grey literature

Register study protocol for the review

Manage references  

Screen title-abstract

Screen full text and apply selection criteria

Search for additional references, contact authors

Create flow chart from final selection (PRISMA)

Extract data from selection

Evaluate quality of studies

Conduct statistical analysis

Summarize and explain findings

Check final quality of evidence

Submit for publication

Timeline (Cochrane Handbook)

Team Members

Team effort:

Content or clinical expert

Methods/study design expert

Librarian or search expert

2 reviewers (for conducting title-abstract and full-text screening)

 Arbitrator or tie breaker (to resolve conflicts after screening)


Data manager

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