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Covidence is an online tool that helps streamline the process of systematic, narrative and scoping literature reviews. With an intuitive user experience, researchers can handle independent title/abstract screening, full text screening, data extraction and quality assessment using a single platform. Covidence makes collaboration easy and saves considerable amount of time for the whole team. The software comes highly recommended by Cochrane.

How to join the Covidence institutional license:

To request access to the institutional account in Covidence, you must use your current or email address.


  • Go to this link
  • Enter your information (using your or email address) and click “Request Invitation” link
  • Accept the invitation via your email
  • Log in to your existing Covidence account or sign up for a new account
  • If you have already joined the Library account, then you can log in and proceed to use Covidence.

When creating a new review, you will have the option to use your personal account license or select the Library institutional account.

Reviews created under the institutional license will be visible to the administrators of the Baylor Health Sciences Library/Richard D. Haines Medical Library Covidence account. Your personal account review(s) will only be seen by you.

Support and Training Resources

Logged into your Covidence account and need help? - Click the question mark in the upper right hand corner to access support.

Getting started with Covidence 

The Covidence Knowledge Base 

Join the Monthly Training Webinar 

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