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Evidence-Based Practice: Finding Evidence - EBM Pyramid

Finding Evidence Using the EBM Pyramid

Search Baylor Health Sciences Library databases for evidence by study type or information need using the interactive pyramid below.

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Meta-Search Databases

Filtered Resources (Appraised Literature): Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses

Authors of a systematic review ask a specific clinical question, perform a comprehensive literature search, eliminate the poorly done studies and attempt to make practice recommendations based on the well-done studies. A meta-analysis is a systematic review that combines the results of all those studies into a single statistical analysis of results.

Filtered Resources (Appraised Literature): Critically-Appraised Topics

A summary of a search and critical appraisal of the literature related to a focused clinical question. CATs provide quick access to clinical evidence for informed decision-making.

Filtered Resources (Appraised Literature): Critically-Appraised Individual Articles

Authors of critically-appraised individual articles evaluate and synopsize individual research studies.

Unfiltered Resources (Primary Literature)

Evidence is not always available via filtered resources. Searching the primary literature may be required. It is possible to use specific search strategies in MEDLINE and other databases to achieve the highest possible level of evidence.

Background Information/Expert Opinion

Note: Evidence in these resources may vary from expert opinion to high levels of evidence.


EBM Pyramid and EBM Page Generator. (c) Copyright 2006-2011. Trustees of Dartmouth College and Yale University. All Rights Reserved. Produced by Jan Glover, David Izzo, Karen Odato and Lei Wang.

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