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Dental Hygiene: Student Support

Dental Hygiene Course Reserves

TAMU-CoD Course Reserves Guide

The Course Reserves Guide lists all required and recommended texts for Dental Hygiene.

Six of the texts are available electronically:


An Introduction to the Library's Resources and Services

National Hygiene Board Exam Practice Questions

National Hygiene Board Exam Research Guide

Faculty-Recommended Topics in Dental Hygiene

Below are continually updated collections of articles on topics recommended by your faculty. 

Oral Health and Special Needs Patients
  -- PubMed

Breastfeeding and Oral Health (CINAHL)

Dental Hygiene and Gingivitis in PubMed Health

Healthy People 2020 Structured Evidence Query in Oral Health:

Glossary of Periodontal Terms

The American Academy of Periodontology Glossary of Periodontal Terms 

Course Support for Dental Hygiene Instructors

The Baylor Health Sciences Library can work with faculty to develop guides specifically tailored to connect students to information relevant to their coursework. Email the library at to learn more.

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