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Dental Hygiene: Staying Current

Systematic Reviews from PubMed

View literature from the PubMed Systematic Reviews Subset in oral health and preventive dentistry via this RSS feed developed by the BHS Library:

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Journal of Dental Education

RSS feed from PubMed for The Journal of Dental Education:

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Journal of Dental Research

RSS feed from the Journal of  Dental Research:

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TAMU-CoD Dental Hygiene Department Publications

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Journal and Search Alerts in PubMed

Create journal alerts in PubMed to keep abreast of the latest literature in dental hygiene and periodontology. View a short instructional video on setting up email alerts in PubMed by clicking on the image below: 

Dental Elf: Evidence-Based Dentistry Updates

Daily brief summaries of the latest dental practice research from evidence-based publications:

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American Dental Association News

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