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Evidence-Based Practice: Critical Appraisal

Critical Appraisal Resources

Find tutorials, critical appraisal worksheets, statistics calculators and more here:

Instructional Videos

Critical Appraisal and Study Statistics Playlists by Dr. Terry Shaneyfelt at the UAB School of Medicine.

Critical Appraisal Guide

Cochrane defines critical appraisal as:

"The process of assessing and interpreting evidence by systematically considering its validity, results, and relevance."

The Centre for Clinical Effectiveness outlines three basic aspects of appraising an article:

1. Is it worth looking at the results of this study? 
2. What are the results? 
3. Are the results relevant to your patients?


The following pages provide domain-specific guidance on critically appraising evidence:


theNNT (New!)

theNNT provides a framework and rating system to evaluate therapies based on their patient-important benefits and harms as well as a system to evaluate diagnostics by patient sign, symptom, lab test or study.

CATmaker: From the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (Oxford)

Image: Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (Oxford)

CATmaker is a software tool which helps you create critically appraised topics for the key articles you encounter about Therapy, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Etiology/Harm and Systematic Reviews of Therapy.

Download CATmaker for Windows 


The Three Basic Aspects to Appraising an Article come from:
Evidence-Based Answers to Clinical Questions for Busy Clinicians. (2011) The Centre for Clinical Effectiveness, Southern Health, Melbourne, Australia. 
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